Sunday, November 22, 2015

Her Path

On the cover of the magazine Relevant, a wounded child stares somberly. Beside her are the words, "The New Face of Martyrdom". She is an innocent girl caught in the Boko Haram persecution of Christians. 
Seven-year-old Ezra commented on it earlier in the school day and finally took a moment to find out more about the little person who looks so similar to her. I let Ezra read the words she knew as her brothers drew in close to examine the heart wrenching pictures. After some thinking time she said, "Mommy, I want to help her. I want to get her food and care. I want to help her!"
I answered, "Okay, someday that is exactly what you can do!"
That was enough for Ezra. She skipped away to play.
For now, we'll pray for them and she'll keep learning, laughing and being a kid, but her someday is right around the corner. So while she thinks and grows, I won't be handing her my phone or iPad to fill every quiet moment with noisy, distracting entertainment.  Her time with books, friends, in nature and through imagination, are open places where the Holy Spirit will deepen her mind and fill her tank. And Dennis and I will teach her what a blessing it is to serve. In these ways, she is discovering God's good design for her life. And maybe someday the desires of today will be fulfilled in the way she lives and loves. Whatever the path, God will make a way for her heart to follow. smile emoticon

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