Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A man we know sells books; beautiful, old, leather-bound books. Each one is unique, inviting the curious to enter into an adventure. It is evident that these books were created by quality craftsmanship, designed to last longer than a lifetime. But none of these books is written in English, for they were purchased in foreign lands.

One day I asked the bookseller, "Who buys these books?"
"Everyone!" replied the merchant, "I sell thousands of them!"
"How odd," I responded, "who can read them?"
"Read them!" he repeated, almost indignant, "These are decorator books, I sell them for looks, their stories are insignificant."

I was stunned. Rich, eloquent thoughts, poured out from the passionate hearts of writers were sealed in tombs of leather and paper. Their outer shell became their prison. Their wisdom gathered dust, silently aging, in unfulfilled purpose.

The Author of Life has created each of us far deeper, more vibrant and exciting than any book. We are written in His language of love, gifted and able to choose for ourselves the life we will lead.

Are we bound by self, closed tight, set apart from the fellowship we desire by our inability to communicate or fear of being misunderstood. Have we lost our purpose? Have we given others the authority to value only the way we appear on the outside? We are created to be beautiful examples of the Author's workmanship, yet perhaps we've imprisoned ourselves in some way in which we've lost sense of our value and gifting.

God is the Author, our lives bear the imprint of His love and purpose, and are created for eternity. He has given us each a unique story to tell. The joy, peace, faith and hope which flow from His hand shapes our storyline to end well no matter the struggles. We are to trust Him and be surrendered pages to His word in our lives.