Monday, March 2, 2015

The Pursuit of...

Yesterday morning found us car-less. Magdalene worked a double nursery shift and Dennis' patient load kept him at work until 8:00pm. My car seemed to have given up the ghost, so the only way to church was on foot (5 miles away). We prayed as we walked that someone from church (or any kind Samaritan) might see us walking and offer us a ride. Sure enough, good friends scooped us up and we arrived early! 
Later in the afternoon, the grumbling over the gardening we were doing together put me at a loss of how to teach thankfulness. After dinner, I decided we all should watch a favorite movie of mine, Pursuit of Happyness, for inspiration.
It doesn't really matter that the outward effects of the day didn't seem to show on any of the Littles. Perhaps they thought I was teaching them the fine art of hitch-hiking and how to misspell Happiness?
Whenever the teachable moments arrive, it is I who must continue to shed my preconceived idea of what life should look like. It is I who in learning trust and thankfulness continue to see God's grace overflowing. The impact of God's daily whittling on my stubborn spirit, that is far more gentle than I deserve, changes me. My job as the mom is to surrender myself to God and to trust His plans for our children. (Dennis does this well!). The way God chooses to reveal Himself to them is His to know. Grace is often unseen but always present and bountiful. It is not found in my pursuit, but present in God's love and faithfulness, even amidst my struggles...or is it 'especially' amidst them?
In this perfect picture of our life one might note that Dennis bought a dozen doughnuts as bribery.  Magdalene straightened and fussed to get us to look 'just so'.  Our friend Chris entertained to keep our eyes fixed on the camera and Elias shot a bounty of photos as I enjoyed the smell of my cold coffee.  On this side of heaven only God has the picture exactly right, but He blesses our attempts and likely chuckles at us (with us) as well!