Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The unfolding of this new year brings with it a most precious gift, time...and not just any old time, time to love the face in front of you!  We are masters of the 'life we lead between our ears', the phrase my close friend, Anne Ortlund, often said before she entered into eternity just weeks ago.  Fling open this door of your life today, wide and welcoming.  Invite the weary traveler to your table or leap out onto the step to dance or run in singular intention! The struggles and pain of the year spent are over, as are its joys, but experience asks wisdom to remain, offer it hospitality and share what you've learned generously.  Glance not at bitterness or regret, but gaze into the eyes of possibilty.  For nothing, Dear One, is impossible for God!  Seize the day, with His love guiding you, and nothing will be impossible for you!  Joyous New Year!